My experience

I am the happy mum of two wonders who make me want to live life to the fullest !

As for my professional life, I hold a degree in tourism with a long curriculum focused on event organisation, including weddings. I launched into the creation of my agency by combining my passions for weddings and travelling. I have made my “dream come true”, which is exactly what “Du rêve à la réalité” means.

That was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Thanks to all the couples I’ve helped with the organisation of weddings and non-religious ceremonies, my choice is making more and more sense, as I get to understand the real meaning and expression of love every day. That’s why I THANK them all for their trust and what they have given me.


The way I am

All the beautiful material and immaterial things, the kind gestures and the beautiful adventures make my eyes sparkle. Marriage is such a wonderful adventure! I am an optimistic and determined person, I don’t give up when an obstacle shows up on my way.

I immerse myself in the elements and opinions the engaged couple give me, I get under the skin of a Wedding Planner each time my clients have a new demand, in order to make a unique and personalized moment for their big day.

I surround myself with the best service providers who know how to highlight the wedding projects I present. We work hand in hand to make the ceremony even more beautiful than you would have dreamed of.

My geographical area

My agency is based in Bordeaux but I can move anywhere, as long as love needs me. I’m fond of the beautiful Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, which offers a remarkable choice of wonderful wedding reception locations.

Why should you choose me?

With me by your side to oversee everything, you can relax and get married in peace. All the things you consider to be obligations in your wedding organisation are the key elements of my job, and I love dealing with them !

As early as the beginning of our partnership, you’ll see how much I like the “Wahoo” effect in your eyes. I’m looking for chic, class, glamour and romanticism, where guests and the newly weds sparkle with joy of course.

I work in perfect harmony with the other service providers, and I am great at being in symbiosis with families, the elements of the wedding and the engaged couples. Everything is well-coordinated and reflects your desires.

# I like

  • The sun
  • Family meetings
  • Traveling
  • Chocolate
  • Sport, dancing
  • Films that make me cry
  • My children’s smiles
  • The satisfaction of a well-done job

# I don’t like

  • The rain
  • Meat
  • The smell of bananas
  • Selfishness
  • Hypocrisy
  • Being wrong
  • Artificial flowers
  • When my phone’s battery dies

Melissa Wedding Planneur mariage Bordeaux